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Booking conditions

1. Scope of application
1.1 These booking conditions apply to all contracts for the rental of hotel rooms regarding accommodation, all travel contracts, as well as all other services and deliveries of the hotel.
1.2 Depending on the offer you have booked, it is an accommodation contract unless separately stated. The following rules apply.
1.3 General terms and conditions of you, the customer, shall only apply if this has been explicitly agreed upon in writing in advance.

2. Conclusion of the travel contract
2.1 With your registration, you agree to the binding conclusion of a travel agreement contract on the basis of the travel description.
2.2 Registration can be made in writing, orally, by telephone or online/electronically. It is made by the applicant and applies to all participants listed in the registration: for whose contractual obligation the applicant is liable as for his own obligations.
2.3 The travel agreement contract is concluded with a receipt of declaration of acceptance by us. The hotel shall inform you of the acceptance, for which no particular form is required, on or immediately after conclusion of the contract by sending or transmitting the reservation confirmation.
2.3 The travel agreement contract will be sent to you electronically by mail or, in case of an on-site booking, handed over to you at the hotel.

3. Services
3.1 Services in the travel description, as they have become the basis of the contract, as well as information in the reservation confirmation referring to them, are binding for the scope of the contractual services. Ancillary agreements that change the scope of the contractual services require confirmation.
3.2 You are obligated to pay the agreed price for the room rental and any other services incurred by you. This also applies to services and expenses of the hotel to third parties arranged by you.
3.3 Please note that unredeemed vouchers, as well as cable car tickets (depending on the mountain operator), cannot be refunded or transferred.

4. Service modifications
4.1 Changes to travel services that become necessary after conclusion of the contract, and that were not caused by us contrary to good faith, are only permitted before the start of your trip (*if the changes are insignificant). Insofar as such changes occur, we will inform you in advance on a permanent data medium before the start of your trip.
4.2 In the event of significant changes to the contract, we refer to the statutory provisions of § 651g BGB.

5. Cancellation by you, as the customer, in the case of accommodation contracts
5.1 You are entitled to cancel your booking free of charge within a period of 4 weeks prior to arrival, insofar as this is provided for in the offer you have chosen. Upon expiration of the cancellation period, you are obliged to pay the travel price, less our saved expenses and thus 80% of the travel price. If the room can be sublet, the cancellation fee will not be charged.
5.2 The cancellation fee is due immediately upon receipt of the cancellation invoice by you.

6. Travel Cancellation Insurance
6.1 The costs for ERGO travel cancellation insurance are not part of the travel price and will not be refunded (even partially) in the event of a cancellation.
6.2 If you have not chosen ERGO, we recommend that you take out a separate travel cancellation insurance.
6.3 Furthermore, we recommend that you take out insurance to cover repatriation costs in the event of accident or illness.

7. Substitute person/subletting
7.1 If you are a consumer, you are entitled to declare, within a reasonable period of time before the start of the trip (on a permanent data carrier) that a third party will take your place in the rights and obligations arising from the travel contract. The declaration will be considered in time if it is received by us no later than 2 days before the start of the trip. We reserve the right to object to the entry of the third party if he/she does not meet the contractual travel requirements. If a third party enters, he/she is jointly and severally liable (including you) for the travel price. Furthermore, any reasonable additional costs incurred by us as a result are to be reimbursed.
7.2 As long as you are not a consumer, subletting or reletting is not permitted without our prior written consent; § 540 para. 1 p. 2 BGB is waived.

8. Rebookings
8.1 Rebookings, i.e. particular changes to travel dates, the room category or the number of guests, are possible only within the period stated in the offer booked by you before the start of the trip and are subject to availability. There is no entitlement to further rebookings. However, we will make every effort to comply with your wishes and to make such changes possible. This does not affect the price differences caused by the rebooking.
8.2 The hotel may make its consent to a subsequent reduction in the number of booked rooms, the hotel's services or the length of stay requested by you depending on an increase in the price of the rooms and/or for the hotel's other services.
8.3 In case of early departure, the costs for the already confirmed and unused period of stay cannot be refunded.

9. Cancellation by the hotel
The tour operator may terminate the travel contract, without notice after the start of the trip, if the guest persistently disturbs the conduct of the trip despite a warning by us or if he/she behaves in a manner contrary to the contract to such an extent that the immediate cancellation of the contract is justified. If the tour operator cancels the contract, he/she retains the right to the travel price; however, he/she must take into account the value of the saved expenses as well as those advantages he/she gains from another use of the unused service, including the amounts credited to him/her by the service provider.

10. Room provision, handover and return, use
10.1 You do not acquire any right to be provided with certain rooms. The hotel reserves the right to provide you with a comparable room or a room with a higher category.
10.2 The general check-in and check-out details listed on the booking confirmation shall apply in each case.
10.3 The use of the room for anything other than accommodation purposes requires the prior written consent of the hotel.

11. Dogs
11.1 Dogs are welcome under the condition of appropriate notification when booking the trip and availability of appropriate rooms. All information and prices for a stay can be found on our homepage at We point out that you are liable for any damage caused by your dog.

12. Smoking ban
12.1 There is an unrestricted smoking ban in all hotel rooms. This also applies to smoking at open windows. In the event of a violation, you are obligated to pay compensation, unless you can prove that we have not incurred any damage or only minor damage. The assertion of a higher damage by us remains reserved.

13. Limitation of liability of accommodation contracts
13.1 Under the contract, the hotel, as accommodation provider, is liable for its obligations with the diligence of a prudent businessman. Claims of the customer for reimbursement of damages are precluded except for such which result from death, injury to body or health and the hotel is responsible for the breach of the obligation, other damage which is caused by an intentional or grossly negligent breach of obligation and damage which is caused from an intentional or negligent breach of obligations of the hotel which are typical for the contract.
13.2 A breach of duty by the hotel is equivalent to a breach of duty by a legal representative or vicarious agent.
13.3 Insofar as a parking space is made available to the customer in the hotel parking lot, even for a fee, shall not constitute a safekeeping contract. The hotel shall not be liable for loss of or damage to motor vehicles parked or maneuvered on the hotel's property and their contents, except in cases of intent or gross negligence.
13.4 The hotel shall be liable to the customer for items brought into the hotel in accordance with the provisions of §§ 701 ff. BGB. The liability is thus limited to one hundred times the price of accommodation for one day, but at least up to the amount of €600 and at most up to the amount of €3,500; for money, securities and valuables, the amount of €800 shall replace €3,500. The hotel points out that the safes in the rooms are locking cabinets that do not correspond to any security level. Valuables can be left at the reception desk for safekeeping in the hotel's main safe.
13.5 Wake-up calls will be handled by the hotel with the utmost care. Messages, mail and merchandise shipments for guests will, furthermore, be handled with care. The hotel shall take care of delivery, safekeeping and upon request, forwarding of the same against payment. 12.2.a. above shall apply accordingly.

14. Consumer Dispute Resolution with regard to the Consumer Dispute Resolution Act
The tour operator points out that it does not participate in a voluntary consumer dispute resolution. The tour operator refers to the European online dispute resolution platform for all travel contracts concluded in electronic legal transactions.

15. Final provisions
15.1 Changes or additions to the contract, the acceptance of the application or the general terms and conditions for hotel accommodation shall be made in writing. Unilateral changes or additions by the customer are invalid.
15.2 The place of fulfillment and payment shall be the registered office of the hotel.
15.3 The exclusive place of jurisdiction for commercial transactions shall be the registered office of the hotel under company law. If a contracting party meets the requirements of § 38 paragraph 2 of the German Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO) and does not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany, the place of jurisdiction shall be the registered office of the hotel under company law.
15.4 German law shall apply. The application of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and the conflict of laws is excluded.
15.5 The hotel's data protection provisions apply, which can be viewed at www.alpe-
15.6 Should individual provisions of these general booking conditions for the travel contract be or become invalid or void, they will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In all other respects, the statutory provisions shall apply.


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