Terms and conditions

for the rented accommodation according to the provisions of the German Civil Code (BGB) or DEHOGA

You have booked accommodation. Now the reservation has to be canceled! Can this reservation be canceled? As always in life, the room reservation is not without legal regulation. Accommodation lettings / reservations are based on the provisions of the temporary rental contract (BGB) and are binding. In addition, the guideline values of the German Hotel and Catering Association (DEHOGA), which are confirmed in the established case law, must be observed! A contract of accommodation can be arranged: verbal (personally at the landlord) or by telephone (by the landlord) or in writing (by letter, postcard or landlord). The contract may not be one-sided, that is, without the consent of the other contracting party. (It is not decisive how the accommodation contract came about.) In general, if no agreement has been made:

In the case of a breach of contract by: a) the lessor: (the consequences) Equivalent substitute quarter to the guest prove and, if necessary, bear the damage. In the event of a defect in the agreed accommodation, immediate repair or an appropriate reduction of the rental price. b) the tenant / guest: (the consequences) the agreed rental price minus the saved expenses to the landlord for the entire rental period, if a different renting was not possible. (This is not a claim for damages, but a claim to the fulfillment of the contract.) The guide values for the saved expenses are, depending on the booked accommodation, with (to pay): - Apartments 90% - Accommodation with breakfast 80% with half board 70% - accomodation with half board 60%

The legal requirements for the fulfillment claim are not: a) For what reasons the reserved accommodation is not used! b) When the reservation was canceled. c) Reason: As there is no unilateral withdrawal from the contract, the date of the cancellation is legally irrelevant.

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